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Engine 1001 is our first out and main engine. Especially for fires and extrication in our district.


1001 houses a full complement of fire suppression tool such as: 

-   Thermal Imaging Camera

-   Gas Monitor

-   RIT Bag

-   Fire Supression Hand Tools

1001 houses.a full complement of extraction tools such as:

-   Hydraulic Rescue Tools

-   Vehicle Stabilization Struts

-   Cribbing

-   High Pressure Air Bags

Engine 1001 can also function as a water tanker. 


-   2015 Pierce Enforcer Custom Cab (5-man)

-   1500 gpm hale pump

-   1000 gallons of water

-   25 gallons of foam


Engine 1003 is our second out engine in our district.

1003 houses a full complement of fire suppression tools such as a thermal imaging camera.

Engine 1003 also functions as a water tanker.


-   1997 E-ONE Freightliner FL80               Commercial Cab (3-mqn)

-   1250 gpm hale pump

-   1000 gallons of water


Tanker 1002 is our first out tanker in our district and to surrounding districts.

1002 houses a full complement of fire suppression hand tools.

Tanker 1002 houses two 2100 gallon water tanks for mobile water supply.


-   1999 freightliner FL70 Central               States

-   1250 gpm waterons pump

-   2- 2100 gallon water tanks

BRUSH 1004

Brush 1004 is first out of outside fires in our district and surrounding districts.


1004 carries a wildfire skid unit and water. It also carries a variety of forestry hand tools for wildland fire fighting and small diameter attack lines.



-   1987 Chevrolet 2500 4x4

-   250 gpm Hale pump

-   275 gallons of water

-   10 gallon foam

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