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LATE 1960's

Charter Members (Jimmy Wise, Gene Clark and Robert Radford) began to discuss the need for fire protection in the Highway 42 West Community.

The volunteer department was formed and named Quaker Fire Department.

Jimmy Wise was appointed as the first Fire Chief.


Members met at the nearby Forestry Service building.


Several years of fundraising began to purchase the first fire truck.


Leased building at 4146 NC 42 West.


20 year lease with purchase option.


A 1950 Willis Jeep was acquired through a grant offered by the Forestry Service.


This vehicle was converted by members of the department to be used as a Brush Truck for outdoor fires.


Purchased a 1996 Freightliner Pumper.


Placed into service as the primary pumper.


Carries 1000 gallons of water.


Pumps 1250 gallons of water per minute.


Purchased a 2007 GMC Squad Truck.


Placed into service as primary squad truck for motor vehicle accidents and medical emergencies.


Carries 300 gallons of water.


Pumps 500 gallons of water per minute.


Equipped with oxygen tanks, medical equipment and extrication equipment.

EARLY 1970's

Purchased first pumper.

Used 1959 Ford Pumper from the Knightdale Fire Department.


Purchased first tanker.


Used 1962 oil tanker from Deans Oil Company.  


The tanker was converted to meet fire service needs.


Received a Charter and signed an agreement with the County of Wilson, North Carolina to provide fire protection for the Hwy 42 West District.


Incorporated as Contentnea Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

Tommy Barnes was elected as the second Fire Chief of the department.


Purchased the building at 4146 NC 42 West ending the lease signed in 1973.


Purchased a 1987 Chevrolet Four Wheel Drive.


Placed into service as a Brush Truck replacing the 1950 Willis Jeep.


Equipped with on-board water and foam tanks.


Purchased a 1998 Freightliner Tanker.


Placed into service as primary tanker and secondary pumper.


Carries 1000 gallons of water.


Pumps 1250 gallons of water per minute.


New Fire Department broke ground

New Fire Department broke ground


Contentnea Volunteer Fire Department moved into the newly completed fire department.



    Jimmy Wise - First Chief

    Tommy Barnes - Second Chief

    Dwight Proctor - Third Chief

    Henry Pipkin - Fourth Chief

    Robert Strickland - Fifth Chief

    Scott Matthews - Sixth and Current Chief


The ladies auxiliary pictured below was instrumental during the early years of the department.  Their fundraising efforts assisted in the purchase of needed equipment to help the firefighters remain safe while providing fire service to the community.  In the photos below you will notice how active the auxiliary was.


Jimmy Wise, out-going chief of the Contentnea Volunteer Fire Department and his wife, Linda, new president of the auxiliary unit, were honored at a recent meeting of the group for their work within the two units. From Left to right are Wise, Mrs. Wise, and Randy Boykin, past vice president of the volunteer department, who made the presentation. (Photo by Craig Deanhardt)


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